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Complete Mobile Campaign Management

The advantage of mobile marketing campaign over other advertising media is its higher response rate due to its reach, immediacy and relevancy. Finding new ways to generate revenue from your mobile applications, mobile based advertising and marketing can be challenging.

Innovative solutions for your mobile marketing campaigns

Acindo's Mobile Marketing Campaigns services are specially designed with consideration to the new trends in the marketing campaigns like viral marketing and ad-supported mobile phone service model. Acindo can help you in broadcasting messages to the mobile phone's idle screen which enables mobile operators or advertisers to reach millions of mobile community in real-time.

Following are some of the highlights of Acindo's Mobile Marketing Campaign Management:

  • Reach 99% of the mobile population incl. Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile & Sprint
  • Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe & Asian Markets
  • Custom Application Development for SMS campaigns
  • Group Alerts and Community Messaging
  • Restaurant, Theatre Reservation Confirmations
  • Custom Content, e.g. Ringtones, MP3 clip
  • Customized for Blackberry, PDA, iPhone etc.
  • Short Code Management Provisioning
  • Vanity Short codes Available
  • Manage Campaign Certification
  • MMA Compliance. Campaign Monitoring
  • Campaign Moderation
  • Customized Reporting to measure ROI
  • Standard, FTEU and Premium Campaigns (Pay for services using mobile phone bill)
  • Convert your WAP based properties to native apps like iPhone, Android etc.

Mobile Advertizing

Acindo can help you with mobile advertising using mobile advertising methods like off portal WAP Banner Ads & WAP Push campaigns, On-Deck adv and Search Engine Results, SMS based 3rd party ads (very limited in length), Inventory bought in terms of impressions etc.

Mobile Advertizing Example

Example 1: User receives a campaign specific msg by SMS, WAP Push, PIX Msg etc.

“$500 credit at table 13. Reply OK or visit for more info on the Special Offer! Call 1-888-PLAYERS. Txt stop to quit. Std Msging Chrgs Apply”

Example 2: User presented with ad while using Phone Browser (Call to Action) or while performing search, User Clicks Ad and goes to the Custom Landing Page where user can get more information and/or make purchases. User can be pushed a marketing message via SMS, Picture Message etc., if they have opted in.

Create New Revenue Streams with Acindo Mobility Services

Acindo can help you in generating revenue using following various mobile advertising streams:

  • SMS / MMS based ads
  • Content based ads
  • Ringtone based ads
  • Pay viewer based ads
  • Mobile TV
  • Callertune based ads
  • Video calls and Video applications
  • Video sharing ads like youtube
  • Gaming Ads – Single and multi player
  • Social networking based ads
  • Idle screen based Ads
  • Bluetooth and wifi services
  • Mobile search
  • Localised based Ads
  • Navigation based Ads
  • Gps based applications
  • Mobile blogging
  • Mobile Stocks trading

Innovative services by highly experienced team. At Acindo, our highly experienced senior management team drawing mobile experience from AT&T/Lucent, LogicaCMG, Airtel, Sony BMG, IBM will give you the innovative service consultation and help for your product and services. Our clients include content providers, media giants, carriers & many small businesses. Contact us to know more about our Mobile Campaign Management Services.