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Mobile Payment Solutions - Monetize Content & Mobile Apps

The mobile commerce becomes one of the most popular and well adopted modes of conducting payment transactions among the mobile community. Latest reports shows that mobile payment market is expected to exceed $300B globally by 2013. There is an increasing demand for new strategies for mobile based advertising and marketing as an addition or in lieu of traditional internet marketing methods. Acindo can play a big role in helping you monetize and develop your content with respect to the requirement according to the mobile media setting.

Through mobile payment, consumer can use a mobile phone for making payment for a wide range of services like music, online game subscription, wallpapers or other digital goods, parking meters, books, magazines, tickets and other hard goods, transport fares etc. The primary models which are in place for mobile payment include Premium SMS based transactional payments, Direct Mobile Billing, Mobile web payments (WAP), Contactless NFC (Near Field Communication).

Mobile Payment Solutions from Acindo

Our mobile payment experts can help monetize your content, services, merchandize or premium set of in-app features by allowing users to pay "within app" through various channels like Credit Card, App store charging, Premium SMS (phone bill), PayPal, Google checkout, Amazon or iTunes api (BOBO). We take care of all MMA & PCI compliance guidelines.

Innovative services by highly experienced team. Our highly experienced senior management team drawing mobile experience from AT&T/Lucent, LogicaCMG, Airtel, Sony BMG, IBM will give you the innovative service consultation and help for your product and services. Our clients include content providers, media giants, carriers & many small businesses.

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