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Mobile Search Based Ads Service

Finding new ways to generate revenue from your mobile applications, mobile based advertising and marketing can be challenging. The Mobile search based ads will remain as one of the key category within overall mobile advertising market. Mobile search is one of the best advertising models which utilize the core competency of the content provider. Content providers can help the mobile users in retrieving information on the web using mobile web based search engines. Thereby image ads and video ads can be displayed with the search results of relevant text which is become a good source of revenue for the content providers.

Innovative marketing solutions based on Mobile Content Search

Acindo Mobile Search based Ads Service is specially designed with services for both localised search based ads, Navigation search based ads and web searches on mobile. Local search based ads relates to relevant ads to a particular location or country ads when a user searches for information. As an example, Ads about the local restaurants, hotels or departmental stores can be displayed first when user search from the same locality. Thereby a mobile user can get more localized ads rather than generalized ads which benefits for both the advertiser and content provider due to the win-win situation from both of the ads. Navigation based ads are like an extension to the localized ads which displays both localized ads and the roaming location based ads when the user is in roaming status.

Innovative services by highly experienced team. At Acindo, our highly experienced senior management team drawing mobile experience from AT&T/Lucent, LogicaCMG, Airtel, Sony BMG, IBM, will give you the innovative service consultation and help for your product and services. Our clients include content providers, media giants, carriers & many small businesses.

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