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Up-Sell / Cross-Sell

Make the most out your marketing budget

Up selling and cross selling help businesses make the most out of their marketing budget by introducing other products and services to customers. At Acindo, we maximize the potential of each and every moment with customer, utilizing both cross selling and up selling techniques.

Acindo's approach for up selling and cross selling is based on technology, training, statistical analysis. We create additional selling opportunities per call which helps our clients achieve higher revenues and customer satisfaction scores. We provide special sales training and an extensive knowledgebase support for our agents which reflect in sustaining higher levels of up-selling and cross-selling across different campaigns.

Advantages and Benefits:

  • Dedicated highly trained individuals for clients specific needs
  • Increase sales volume and revenues.
  • Reduce sales costs and client acquisition lead time.
  • State of the art technology which is highly proficient at providing a solid infrastructure and back up when in an emergency.
  • Strict follow up of quality measures in every customer conversation.

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